Bath system

1. Boroprimer deeply penetrating

2. Aquastop 3

3. Sealing tape

4. Teracol C2T

5. Fugacolor Flex

6. Fugafix



Upon implementation of the bathroom system, we recommend that you perform the following sequence in operations:

Check stability of the base and is cleaned from potential pollution. Unevenness and cracks in the base is repair with the Terakol® cement putty.

After drying of the repaired areas (24 hours), the base is primed with Boroprimer deeply penetrating ®. In the corner area between the floor and the walls, as well as between the neighbouring walls apply with a roller or a brush the waterproofing product Aquastop 3®. In the yet fresh layer is applied sealing tape with rubber middle section. Before overall waterproofing place cuffs on the floor siphon and the pipes. It was then applied Aquastop 3® over the entire surface of the walls and the floor. The time of hardening of the first layer is not less than two hours. Apply a second layer. The thickness of the dried waterproof coating in dry state should be not less than 1 mm. The coating dries in no less than 12 hours. For laying tiles are suitable all cement tile adhesives in the set of "BORO TERACOL" Ltd. The adhesive is applied with a notched trowel sized teeth from 6x6 mm to 10x10 mm depending on the base and size of ceramic tiles. Use a spirit level to control the alignment and the desired slope of the tiles using a rubber hammer to achieve the desired position. Between the tiles were allowed joints with a minimum width of 2-3 mm. After about 24 hours the adhesive has obtained initial strength and can be walked on ceramic tiles. Grout Fugacolor FLEX® is applied with a rubber trowel at 45 °slope to the surface and diagonal movements. Make sure the grout has penetrated the depth of the joint. The residue of the mixture is removed also with diagonal movements. Wait about 15 minutes. The tile surface was cleaned with a wet sponge while forming joints. Complete drying of the joints occurs after 24 hours. We recommend impregnation of joints with Fugafix® that protects joints from dirt and facilitates cleaning.


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Boroprimer deeply penetrating

Aquastop 3

Teracol C2TE

Groutcolor Flex for grouts up to 8 mm width