Universal putty MD

With universal application


Purpose: Ready paste-like polymer putty mixture for interior use. For finishing puttying on putties, fiberboard, plasterboard, to fill grouts in the interior gypsum plaster, plasterboard in combination with paper or polymer reinforcing tape.



- It is easily applied, easily sanded, achieved high quality of the finished surface after puttying.

- Pastel color in wet condition allows easy differentiation of puttying surface at light bases.


Application: with soft metal mortar-board

Drying at 20 °C, 65% H.R: 24 hours

Dilution: with water if necessary

Color: white with a yellow tinge

Application conditions: from 5°С to 35°С. Do not mix with other similar products.

Consumption rate: 120-160g/m2 (depending on the bases)

Shelf life: 18 months from the production date.

Accompanying products: Boroprimer deeply penetrating.

Storage: 5°С to 35°С.


Declaration of performance
Safety data sheet
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1.50 kg
6 pieces/box
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6 kg
45 pieces/pallet
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20 kg
24 pieces/pallet
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