About us

"BORO" Company was established in 1991. Its main business activity is production of dry mixes: cement adhesives for ceramic tiling, dry putty mixtures based on cement and gypsum, colored mixtures for filling grouts of ceramic tiling, plaster based on cement and gypsum and others. In the beginning of 1992 in the Patent Office has been filed the trademark "Teracol®". In 1993 the company "BORO" on receipt of exclusive ownership of the trademark "Teracol®" has become a symbol of quality cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiling.

The company aim from the beginning is the creation and production of waterproofing, thermal insulation and products, identical in quality parameters with those in Germany. The production capacitiеs are from leading German companies. The technological processes are managed by qualified personnel using modern high-tech software, which provides some excellent quality of our products.

The company has laboratories for development of new products and also continuous control to the incoming raw materials and finished products. The company technologists are trained in laboratories of leading German manufacturers of building materials.

In the period 1999-2000 the company started production of liquid construction products – water dispersion paints (latex), primers, adhesives, coatings and additives.

"Boro" offers Bulgarian and external markets a wide range of products such as thermal insulation, dry adhesives, additives, masonry and grouts, mortars, putties, primers, latex and pigments for them, waterproofing, self-leveling flooring, remediation agents. The high quality of our products ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, environmental protection and the prevention of its deterioration and gaining public trust is a personal commitment of each member of the team, which led to the introduction and certification of quality management in accordance with the standards ISO 9001-20015.